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For Candidates

We attract and retain well-qualified candidates encompassing the full spectrum of experience and responsibility.

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For Clients

We are a premier professional resource for clinicians, scientists, and surgeons across all medical fields.

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Types of Searches

Division Chief Jobs for Physicians and Scientists
Medical Director Jobs for Clinical and Surgical Leaders
Department Chair Jobs for Academic Leaders
Medical School Dean Jobs for University Administrators
Executive Jobs for Hospital and Health System CEO, CMO, and COO

Types of Clients

These are the type of clients we’re looking to work with:
  • Academic Medicine
  • Higher Education
  • Priva-Demic Health Systems
  • Specialized Medical Institutes/Centers
  • Biomedical Research

Types of Candidates

These are the type of candidates we’re looking to work with:
  • Physicians
  • Scientists
  • Nurses
  • Allied Health
  • Epidemiologists & Data Scientists
  • Executives

Areas of Expertise

Academic Med has specialty and subspecialty expertise in the recruitment of physicians, scientists, and executives within the following Departments and Areas of Expertise

Internal Medicine
Dentistry Surgery
Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine
Cardiovascular Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Preventive Medicine
Dentistry Surgery
Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine

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