Physician Recruitment Strategy – Blog Series Conclusion

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Physician Recruitment Strategy – Blog Series Conclusion

08 Jul, 2016

Academic Med Physician Recruitment Strategy Series Conclusion

Over the past few weeks, Academic Med has explored the ways in which the service of physician recruiting help an AMC adapt to the evolving healthcare environment. We have outlined specific areas and examples where physician recruiting can help AMCs grow and thrive. Learn about the unique ways that Academic Medical Centers are utilizing a strategic approach to physician recruitment across the US by reading some of our blog posts on these topics as listed below:

1. How physician recruiting builds brand value for AMCs
2. Using ‘comparative advantage’ to meet demand and strengthen services for AMCs
3. The importance of your next division chief
4. Physician recruiting for the AMC ‘hub and spoke’ model

All of our posts have sought to address the benefit of having a relationship with physician recruiters that understand, from an objective perspective, the needs of your AMC on a large scale as well as potentially the needs of specific departments and divisions.

The following tables summarize adaptive solutions for AMCs from two informative white papers, one from McKinsey & Co. and the other from PwC:

McKinsey & Co. PwC
1. Strengthen the value proposition

2.Upgrade operating model and capabilities

3. Pursue cost reductions agressively

4. Increase revenue flows

5. Develop a comprehensive partnership and acquisition approach

1. Build the brand by holding faculty accountable for cost and quality

2. Become part of larger community network

3. Push the envelope on new kinds of extenders to increase effectiveness

4. Become an information hub to realize a return on HIT investment

5. Align the research pipline with clinical and business strategies

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