The Importance of Your Next Division Chief

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The Importance of Your Next Division Chief

24 Jun, 2016

In an earlier post this month, the trend in the healthcare industry of Physician-CEOs was discussed – the benefits a CEO with a clinical background can provide for large medical institutions.

In addition to the importance of an AMC’s C-suite leader’s value, is finding the right leadership positions beyond the C-suite. Last week, the necessity of defining an AMC’s strengths was discussed, as to how it will define an AMC’s success.

The value of physician recruiting for the positions such as the Chiefs of… and Directors of… (insert medical specialty) is finding the leader, who can grow that division’s program in value and prestige, which goes hand-in-hand with defining the comparative advantages of an AMC. When the AMC delineates it strengths, medical division leaders are just as critical to the success of the AMC as the leadership in the C-suite.

Subspecialty expertise defines an AMC’s brand value, and division leaders are the impetus for the growth of these programs, and largely these leaders have the most direct impact, action-wise, on the ‘brand value’ of the AMC’s services. Whether located in and serving a large metropolitan demographic or a rural region and demographic, all AMCs are looking to grow their margin’s through their clinic expertise – from which, AMCs drive brand value. Leadership continuity will be important to drive growth.

A physician who is capable of holding a leadership role, may not be applicable for every available leadership position for a variety of professional and personal reasons. Physician recruiters have the ability to parse out the variables for each physician candidate, and physician recruiters find the right candidates to present to the AMC-client. Employing physician recruiters save AMCs time and therefore money because it allows the AMC to focus on issues more relevant to their bottom lines in the short term while physician recruiters supply candidates that fit within the AMC’s long-term strategy and importantly, the culture.

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