Dr. Shelley Nuss

UGA Announces Dr. Shelley Nuss as Founding Dean of New School of Medicine

Dr. Shelley Nuss
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UGA Announces Dr. Shelley Nuss as Founding Dean of New School of Medicine

20 Mar, 2024

Dr. Shelley Nuss, campus dean of the Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership, has been named the founding dean of the University of Georgia School of Medicine. In her new role, Nuss will lead the establishment of an independently accredited school of medicine on the campus of Georgia’s flagship university, marking a significant milestone for the state and the institution.

“The creation of the School of Medicine at the University of Georgia is an extraordinary milestone for our state and our institution, and we are grateful to the governor, the chancellor, the General Assembly, and the Board of Regents for their strong support,” said UGA President Jere W. Morehead. Dr. Nuss’s leadership in medical education and her vision for the future of the medical school are highly anticipated as the university seeks accreditation and aims to build an outstanding medical school in the coming years.

The UGA School of Medicine will address Georgia’s critical shortage of medical professionals, a pressing issue as the state ranks low among U.S. states for the number of active patient care physicians per capita. The shortage is particularly acute in rural and underserved communities, making the establishment of the new school a crucial step towards improving healthcare access and outcomes across the state.

“It’s an honor to serve as the founding dean of the UGA School of Medicine,” said Nuss. “The School of Medicine will build upon the strong foundation we have already established in Athens and will have a tremendous impact in addressing the ongoing physician shortage.”

The AU/UGA Medical Partnership, established in Athens in 2010, has expanded under Nuss’s tenure from educating 40 students per class to 60 students per class, now enrolling a total of 240 students. The partnership’s Athens Free Clinic, an integral part of its community and population health curriculum, has provided over $738,000 of care to more than 2,800 patients since its inception six years ago.

Nuss has also been instrumental in growing graduate medical education statewide, leading the development of new residency programs across Georgia. By 2025, the project is expected to add nine new teaching hospitals, 31 new residency programs, and nearly 800 new resident positions in the state.

About the University of Georgia, Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership

The University of Georgia, the state’s flagship university, is a global leader in research, scholarship, and education. It is committed to fostering a culture of academic excellence and inclusivity, preparing students to lead, discover, and serve.

About Dr. Shelley Nuss

Dr. Shelley Nuss is a distinguished leader in medical education with a proven track record of advancing medical training and addressing healthcare disparities. Her appointment as the founding dean of the UGA School of Medicine underscores her commitment to enhancing medical education and healthcare delivery in Georgia.

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