Neurological symptoms? Check your diet

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Neurological symptoms? Check your diet

18 Aug, 2016

Sometimes we suffer from abnormal health symptoms that we can’t connect to a medical issue. What does one do when happens? A Houston neurologist, Dr. Reeta Achari, has been seeing a lot of patients who come to her with neurological symptoms, but these turn out not to be neurological issues, but nutritional problems.

Symptoms such as pain, tingling, brain fog, and fatigue are often associated with neurological issues, but for Dr. Archari, a battery of tests could not explain these symptoms for the patients she was seeing. It turns out that a simple blood test for common vitamins revealed that many of these patients suffered from vitamin deficiencies – low levels of vitamins C, B, and D. Now Achari does blood tests to check patients’ vitamin levels because they easily go undiagnosed. All of Dr. Achari’s patients were no obese and could afford to buy food for a well-rounded diet.

According to Dr. Achari, people may unknowingly be suffering from vitamin deficiencies. “We don’t think about nutritional illnesses. These are ancient diseases and we just don’t think we need to check for them,” she said. She recommends caution when experimenting with new diets, as they could alter one’s intake levels of nutrients for proper bodily function. For many, it may be as simple as nutrition.

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