The Blurring Lines Between Academic and the Private Sector

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The Blurring Lines Between Academic and the Private Sector

12 Aug, 2016

In the history of healthcare, academic medical centers have operated in a separate world from the private sector. Academic centers generally have tri-fold initiatives of education, research and patient care – a full agenda that can at times be hard to balance. The private sector collaborations can help improve the technology, care delivery models, and population health management of academic institutions.

However, in the midst of a rapidly changing healthcare environment, academic health centers and private businesses are toeing the line that has previously separated them. Due to the increasing cost of healthcare, academic medical centers are needing to diversify their revenue sources, mainly through top-quality patient care – something the private sector can help deliver.

The possibility for collaboration is the topic of this year’s Association of Academic Health Centers (AAHC) Annual Meeting taking place in San Diego September 22-23. The meeting will bring together leaders from academic and private healthcare to discuss how collaborations can transform the healthcare industry. Leaders “will exchange knowledge, share best practices, and build on successes,” says AAHC President and CEO, Dr. Steven A. Wartman.

Collaborations between the academic medical centers and the private sector could spur innovation by merging the capital potential in the private sector with the inquisitive minds and complex cases in that of the academic.


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