Academic Health Industry “Textbook” Provides Comprehensive Assessment of the Field

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Academic Health Industry “Textbook” Provides Comprehensive Assessment of the Field

07 Jun, 2016

The industry within the healthcare industry – the Academic Medical Center – is the subject of a recent publication: The Transformation of Academic Health Centers: The Institutional Challenge to Improve Health and Well-Being in Healthcare’s Changing Landscape from the Association of Academic Health Centers (AAHC). As the book’s title alludes, Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) are experiencing a period of distortion to the industry’s well-established praxises. Dr. Steven Wartman is the editor of the book and serves as President of the Association of Academic Health Centers.

Divided into five sections: (I) The Evolution of the Academic Health Center, (II) Educating the Future Health Workforce, (III) The Challenge of Discovery, (IV) Preparing for Health System Change, and (V) Conclusion are evidence of the comprehensiveness and holism of the book and the subject. Chapters within each section come from a variety of authors from professional to policymaker experts involved in AMC healthcare.

The book’s perspectives are indicative of the changes that are currently occurring in AMCs across the nation – evidenced by the common challenges which AMCs face and the thematic solutions they have taken as a response to the healthcare environment. According to the AAHC, the book’s 25 chapters “include compelling case studies, professional best practices, and provocative assessments,” and when taken as a whole it “is essentially a comprehensive textbook for the field.”

A book which is necessary for today’s evolving environment, and will prove helpful to all of those involved in the industry to understand how to adapt to the 21st Century of American healthcare in the area of Academic Health Centers. The book is available in both print and electronic formats, can be ordered through Amazon or other major publication outlets, or purchased directly from the Association of Academic Health Centers website or by contacting the association directly: 202-265-9600.

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