Introduction: The Value of Physician Recruiting

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Introduction: The Value of Physician Recruiting

06 Jun, 2016

In the following weeks, Academic Med will explore the challenges facing AMCs and the reasons the physician recruiting industry provides a valuable service for hospitals trying to staff highly-specialized doctors, in order to implement their broader management schemes in this new era of healthcare.

The topics that will be addressed in the coming weeks:

1. Defining the AMC brand and the AMC value. What role and  service can physician recruiters play in helping AMCs to build their brand and their value, through their faculty?

2. Academic Medical Centers will have to define and align their priorities to reduce costs and strengthen services. How does physician recruiting help in this process of definition and alignment?

3. An AMCs overall effectiveness will be the result of the right personnel and leadership. Finding the right leaders for a position is key to allowing this process to occur.

4. To increase the flow of patients, AMCs will need to partner to reach communities and increase referrals (two-way flow). To do so, AMCs need to hire professionals with the capabilities of offering the services. Finding the right and most qualified professionals is essential to ensuring the long-term success and economic viability of the AMC in an era of increasing competition and uncertainty.

5. All of the previous steps can enable AMCs to adapt to the next generation of healthcare successfully with the help of the physician recruiting industry. Physician recruiting can help AMCs align and fulfill an AMC’s priorities—whether that means finding a doctor to fill an open position or advising the client in the appropriate direction.

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